PB Gala

Our 2nd PB Gala of the year is on Thursday 20 September from 6pm and is open to all our members (including our Masters) who are able to swim 25m or 50m within their age group.

For those that don’t know, PB stands for Personal Best. No matter their ability, each swimmer eventually becomes obsessed with beating their times for each different
event and stroke.

When your child first starts, PB’s are not very important but the fixation with getting a PB soon takes hold especially if your child is keen! It is important that your child knows they can be successful without winning. If your child is aiming to beat their personal best (PB) and they accomplish that, then they are
successful regardless of what place they finish in.

This galas is the best way for your child to improve on their personal best times in a relaxed environment. It also shows them that all the training is worthwhile.

For our 9yrs and under relaxed rules will apply where are for all those 10yrs and over Fina Rules will be used.

Points will be awarded for personal best times, taking part and for first time swims.

✓ 3 points will be awarded for a personal best time of more than 1 second.
✓ 2 points will be awarded for a personal best time of less than 1 second.
✓ 1 point will be awarded for taking part.
✓ 2 points will be awarded for first time swimmers.

The new points system ensures this is a fair and fun way to encourage your child to progress.

To confirm your entry please email BrechinBeavers@gmail.com