Summer Splash


Firstly, a huge well done to everyone that competed in our inaugural Summer Splash. There were swimmers there that don’t normally participate so an especially big well done to them.

Those swimmers that did not win ribbons now have have a time to try and beat. It can be as much about a competition with yourself as a competition with others. It is worthwhile noting the times in a notebook or the log books for reference for the next gala/swim meet.

There were some disqualifications. And that is fine. It is all about learning. Please do ask the swimmer’s coach to find out why they were disqualified. This will help for the future. It might be something they never knew about. Regardless, the main thing is that they can learn from it.

Due to the low number of timekeepers, there was only one timekeeper per lane which made times less accurate for the swimmers and also caused a little bit of confusion with the positions a few times.

Please do consider timekeeping in future galas so that we can give the swimmers more accurate times.

Very well done to all those who won a ribbon. Times and placings will be posted for reference.